LIVEArts Performance Planned for 8th Grade!


On Friday, October 21, all 8th grade students will attend a performance at Hancher of Step Afrika!: Reflections on Jacob Lawrence. Generously funded by the ICCSD Foundation as an Any Given Child live arts performance experience, Step Afrika! will represent Lawrence’s “Migration Series.” The project is also supported through Big Yellow School Bus grants, awarded by the Iowa Arts Council and National Endowment for the Arts.

The Migration, Step Afrika!’s new signature work, is based on Jacob Lawrence’s iconic series of paintings charting the African-American movement from south to north in the early 1900s. Each piece incorporates the images, color palette, and motifs of one or more of the paintings to tell the migration story through body percussion and dance.

Step Afrika! is thrilled to recently be featured and provide an interactive in the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Each junior high school was given a Jacob Lawrence print to use in class discussions and will learn about the migration in their American Studies classes.  Between the energy and cultural tradition of the Stepping, the representation of visual art, witnessing live art in the UI’s largest classroom at Hancher, and the powerful historical content, this program should engage and impact 8th graders for a long time to come!

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