HAVlife Awards Any Given Child for Dance Opportunity!

Any Given Child has received a grant award from HAVlife™ to fund dance programming in all ICCSD junior high schools. Identifying a gap in dance and arts opportunities for district seventh and eighth graders, Any Given Child is focused to support programming to address such gaps. Recognized by the Kennedy Center, Any Given Child seeks to provide equity in arts opportunities regardless of school, grade level, and arts discipline using local arts resources for students K-8.

“Disco Intervention” will be offered at each junior high school. Dance instructors Nora Garda and Ace Ava will teach the session during every PE class over two days. This will allow each junior high student the opportunity to experience dance. The team has taught forty-five interventions to over 2,000 people. Disco Interventions gives those with no formal dance training the surprising information that they can dance, and they can learn quickly. The absurdity of Disco allows an exaggerated performance that allows participants to act silly instead of feeling silly. By the end of the intervention, the students turn the table and show Ace and Nora how to Hip-Hop and discuss how to incorporate Disco steps into current dances.

Started in memory of Hunter Aaron Vondran, HAVlife™ is a Not For Profit 501(C)(3) organization established to fund the resources students need to pursue their musical aspirations and athletic goals – just as Hunter did. When it comes to youth participation in music, sports and arts education, the benefits are endless! Study after study reveals that youth participation in these activities benefits the social, behavioral, and cognitive development of children. Any Given Child is thrilled to partner with HAVlife™ to offer this experience to our students!

Disco Intervention is scheduled for the following dates:

February 23-24 South East Junior High
March 9-10 North Central Junior High
March 23-24 Northwest Junior High

HAVlife Grant Award

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