Increased Student Arts Programming for SY 17-18!

Learn more about plans for K-8 arts programming using local resources for school year 2017-18:

Grade Program Description
K Iowa Children’s Museum Visit Storytelling component with theatre experience at ICM. 2-3 classes scheduled/visit.
1-3 Orchestra Iowa’s Music in the Schools OrchIowa string, brass, and woodwind ensembles perform, one ensemble for each school’s grade level=3 concerts/school. Scheduled on different days.
2 Dance in 2nd grade PE Local, professional dance teacher teaches during 2nd grade PE class in conjunction with PE’s rhythm unit.
3 and 4 Visiting Author Nationally recognized children’s authors discuss their work as a professional writer and sometimes illustrator. Students interact w/ author question/answer session.
4 Hawkeye Symphony Orchestra UI Symphony Orch performs at Voxman. Will coordinate curricular guide.
5 MC Ginsberg Artist in Residence  A local artist in any arts discipline selected to provide cross curricular ties with 5th grade math.  2-1 hour sessions with individual classrooms are scheduled.
7 UI Museum of Art school programs Global Studies teachers utilize UI Museum of Art’s African Art travelling school program during their unit on Africa. Museum pieces, many which are passed around class, were brought to school with a docent.
7 and 8 Disco Intervention Ace Ava and Nora Garda demonstrate to students that all can dance, starting with disco during PE.
8 LiveArts @ Hancher 8th graders travel to Hancher for a live arts performance.
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